About Us

CINTY INT'L (HK) INDUSTRY CO.,LIMITED founded in 2000,While having the original technical support, the company has established its own technical team. We will have the ability to help customers solve all the problems encountered by customers in the process of use, and formulate corresponding solutions! The company mainly deals in INFINEON, ST, TI, MPS, MACOM and other imported brand electronic components. There are several domestic spot warehouses, with more than 100 million models in stock.

 In the future, we will take China as the starting point and serve global customers as our vision, build a bridge between suppliers and customers, and grow together with our partners. At the same time, we will gradually develop in the direction of industrialization, diversification and grouping on the basis of the IC spot business model, so as to create more economic benefits to give back to the society, undertake more social responsibilities, and look forward to a long-term cooperation with you. work hard in partnership.

Quality assurance, original authentic

components are from the original factory or agent Regular channel procurement, to ensure the original authentic!

Self-operated inventory, 4 hours delivery

Using modern warehouse management and network technology, all goods are sold in stock, 4 hours lightning delivery!

Global Supply Chain

Enables us to resolve all shortages of customers .all goods are sold in stock,experienced technical staff! efficient BOM materials offer and professional technical support.